About us

As a musician, it is fulfilling for us to play freely and to translate all our creative energy and emotions into music. The special thing about our concerts is that there is no fixed arrangement, but the music is recreated again and again right on stage.


musical all-rounder – harp, piano, santoor, singing, drumming and composition

“Music is my biggest passion. She fills me and makes me inwardly rich. For me, Gura.life is like the flow of life, the rhythm and the power of nature. Constantly new melodies emerge that give us the impulse for inner and outer movement. “


Freedrummer РConga, Djembé, Frame Drum, Santur, Percussion

“Rhythm has always been part of my personal development and for me it is a place of power where I feel a connection to hidden forces. For me, Gura.life is the synthesis of the male and female principle, of man and nature, of sound and rhythm. It’s the here and now in the music. “